is pleased to offer membership to our Wine Society. You can choose from two levels depending on how naughty you feel. Members will receive regular shipments and benefits as follows:

(wicked sister)
Nueve botellas por año
9 bottles of newly released wines per year at a 15% discount
(3 in Spring, 3 in Summer, 3 in Fall)
(bad boy)
Dieciocho botellas por año
18 bottles of new releases and periodic limited library wines with a 20% discount (6 in Spring, 6 in Summer, 6 in Fall)

Wine society members enjoy the club discount on automatic purchases plus the same discount on any additional wines purchased directly from the winery. You can choose to pick your wines up personally or have them shipped to
sorry, we ship to CA ONLY.
Sign up by filling out the membership form and sending it to 165 Cristich Lane, Unit F, Campbell CA 95008,
or sign up in person at our Winery every third Saturday of the month 11-5.

Sociedad del Vino
Choose your level of trouble
Hermana Traviesa - three 3-btl shipments per year @ 15% off
generally around $90 + tax/and/or shipping
Muchacho Travieso – three 6-btl shipments per year @ 20% off
usually about $170 + tax/and/or shipping
Ship ($4 per bottle)    Pick Up
Full Name
Street Address
Daytime Phone
Email Address
Credit Card Number
Expiration Date