Ray grew up in Menlo Park, California as the oldest in a family of four boys. His first job was ice cream scooper until he found an after-school job as a computer operator. To this day Ray is still with the same organization as a marine geologist. During his career as a geologist, Ray has conducted fieldwork from the south Pacific to the northern reaches of Alaska. He also spent a year at the South Pole Station in Antarctica. Ray enjoys riding his bike to work, sharing fine wines and food with friends, and promoting local music groups by hosting houseconcerts.

Mats’ family moved from Sweden to Menlo Park, California when he was 14. Mats went on to get a business degree and supported himself by working in the San Francisco area as a cook. He later completed medical school and currently practices in San Francisco, California. In the past, Mats has bicycle toured through Europe with Ray, sold used clothing on eBay for supplemental income during his residency and occasionally likes to reminisce about his short-lived punk band. He enjoys throwing dinner parties, belting out improvised lyrics and trying to keep his wife from getting a cat.